LoRA Info Editor

for Stable Diffusion

Drag and drop a .safetensors file into the drop zone below to view and edit its metadata. Once edited, you can save and download the updated file.

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Meta data

Edit & Remove Metadata in LoRA Models

Simple Metadata Editing for LoRA and Stable Diffusion Models

The Lora Info Editor streamlines managing and editing metadata for safetensors models used in LoRA and Stable Diffusion projects. It's designed to be user-friendly, catering to both experts and hobbyists, and seamlessly integrates into your LoRA training workflow.

Accessible on Multiple Devices

As a web-based tool, Lora Info Editor is compatible with all devices, including mobile phones. This flexibility allows you to edit and manage metadata for your LoRA models anytime and anywhere, ensuring your training process is always up to date.

Key Features for Enhanced Training